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Your name: Ikku ; dollys_apology
Aim: Dollys Apology
Character’s name: tara of Betty
Job: Yakuza member


Pikku: tara.

Born with the looks of a feminine boy, whose first impression given would be: transvestite; tara is usually found being sexually harassed. Yet, behind the exceedingly good-looks, pierced and pretty-boy face is the cruel, bastardised heart of a true Yakuza member.

That’s right, he’s a fucking bastard, who tends to go home with his hands drenched in the warm, crimson liquid of other citizens. Blood.

His persona isn’t exactly as bad as it seems. Indeed, the gangster is ruthless and possibly cold towards everyone, but deep inside, a lock to his heart is awaiting for the right key to unlock his feelings. Until he finds someone he can fully depend and put his trust upon, tara will continue risking his life with death and rivalries every day night, as well as lacking the socialising through the mouth. Let his killing do the talking.

Has the mesmerizing eyes of deep, turquoise contact-lenses, tara has been enabled the power of giving someone even a glance, and the victim would be sent scurrying away to fucking Pakistani if necessary -- just shows what a reputation the pink-streaked-haired boy has in the streets of Shibuya.


Ditched the moment he was given birth to, tara was found by a local gang of Yakuzas in Tokyo, who then brought him into the community of washing his hands in blood.

Growing up in the scene of crime, the slowly-learning boy is known as the ’errand boy’, as he is found sauntering behind the more mature and older members of the community, providing their forbidden needs. Being treated like shit by the arch-rivals of the gang he was in, tara promises to upgrade his dirt-clean life by becoming a successful killer. With his motto: take no prisoners.

Soon within his years of youth, tara reaches the highest possible standards of a blood-lusting murderer.

In his early 20’s, tara’s oh-so-motherly mom steps back into his life, and proposes to claim him back as her ’son’. Without hesitation, tara brings death to his mother’s grave.

Overall, tara’s drastic past has affected him immensely, disabling the young man’s socialising abilities, as well as creating a cold barrier, surrounding his fragile heart.


tara is more-than-likely seen either lurking in the shady corners and alley ways of Shibuya; or at Machinaka Mezon -- the only places that satisfies his needs. He will either be found drinking, taking drugs, chilling with his bass or killing. Boy finds it hard to socialise with people due to his past.


- can play the bass.
- can kill without hesitation.
- can force at anytime.
- can stay sober no matter what.
-cannot socialise with people.
- cannot express himself through words -- only when rocking on his beloved bass.


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    Yo~~ This is the Takumi, I want to roleplay =)~~ If anyone is on right now, I'm on my MY x CLOUD screenname [ hope this is allowed. >__>]

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