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- Luca - xxxuta, MY x CLOUD
Character Takumi@ELIA
Job Machinaka Mezon Entertainer/Prostitute.

A very sweet, innocent looking boy, everyone has trouble even thinking Takumi does such a thing. Having a double-personality issue, Takumi seems innocent enough on the outside, his flowing, silky brown hair usually up in a ponytail or a bun. He always has a smile on his face, with a kind, polite way of speaking, and never would disrespect anyone. But when he gets to work, he's still the same, but is a very.. teasing person. His beautiful eyes become jaded as the lighting of the place hits him.

His life at home is a lonely one, Takumi usually rathers to live alone in peace with his pet cat, Koko. All the money he usually gets goes to his sister, whom Takumi is trying hard to take care of. Growing up, his mother was out working all the time, because of his sister's costly medical bills. Wanting to help, Takumi kindly moved out and sends all the money he can, hence why he took such a job, being told the 'pay' was good for a 'pretty boy.' For good intentions, he took up such a job, and soon got used to the constant teasing, degrading himself for money. Although he will do such things as lap dances, and various other sexual things, he would not fully go all the way, but still earns enough money.

Takumi speaks with anyone who aproaches him, being a kind, nonjudgeful person. He's usually one to not know who's good, and who's bad, so could usually approach anyone. Even if they have bad intentions, he's easily forgiving and very much like a 'motherly' type. His favourite thing to do is to play with Koko, eat sweets, and watch old fashioned movies.

- Very good cook.
- Independant, usually doesn't accept help from others, but will gladly help.
- Closed in, doesn't like to speak mind.
- Charistmatic, can usually say things that will cheer others up.
- Very pessimistic when it comes to himself.

Forgive me for making him a prostitute.. xD;; I couldn't help it 'kay. ;-; -Hugs Takumi though.-


Pinku-darlin~~ xDD I've finally joined. Be proud. xDD

Also, hey Ikku. o.o Long time.

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    Yo~~ This is the Takumi, I want to roleplay =)~~ If anyone is on right now, I'm on my MY x CLOUD screenname [ hope this is allowed. >__>]

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