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-My Name: Fidget (da_fidge, AIM qFidgetq)
-Characters Name: Mana (Moi dix Mois, ex-Malice Mizer)
-Job: Geisha

Put at its simplest, Mana is a cross-dresser. However, his natural beauty and his talent for make-up, when combined with his grace and mannerisms, put run-of-the-mill cross-dressers to shame. He stands at (very approximately) 5'8, and is very slender, but not angular. His hair is usually, but not always, dark (when he gets tired of a color, he will change it with no hesitation), and almost always worn in an elaborate up-do, meticulously curled and smoothed until it is precisely how he likes it. His eyes are ice blue. He powders his face porcelaine-pale and darkens his eyes, paints his lips laser-precisely blue or burgundy, depending on the outfit. The outfits themselves are outrageously elaborate even when he is not performing, vintage affairs of black lace and velvet, and shoes that give him several inches of lift. His voice is quiet, medium-toned, but undoubtedly masculine, however he uses it very sparingly.
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Mana's family is quite wealthy and respected, but his interest in lady-like things makes him the black sheep. His mother refuses to admit her shame. Instead, she indulges his interests in music, dance, etiquette and other feminine arts with a strained smile, never denying him anything, never making more than the most polite suggestion that he might think of taking up a sport, or wearing pants, at least. Despite her best efforts to swallow her son's peculiar mentality, Mana recognizes the pain he causes her.

His father is a different story altogether. He has cut Mana off completely from the family inheritance, despite him being the firstborn son. When they chance to see each other, his father is never at a loss for a disgusted remark to make about something Mana is saying, doing, or wearing. Backtalk results in a slap and some longer-term punishment, such as going without meals (although his mother usually sneaks some nourishment to him on these occassions). When he was younger and his peculiarity a more novel idea, his father would beat him or lock him in the wine cellar, but now physical abuse is at a minimum.

Although the family did not disown him or "kick him out" in so many words, Mana felt that for his own wellbeing and his relatives', it would be best to leave. Far from showing such disrespect as to run away, he made a formal announcement of his plans, packed his belongings and left to make his own way. Unfortunately, Mana is unaccustomed to working. He met difficulty finding a job, and with no real source of income, he could not find a place to stay. Machinaka Mezon was therefore a godsend. A place to use his talents, to do what he loves to do, and to be paid for it.

His feminine manners and the deeper psychological issues give Mana a submissive sort of mildness, shyness, and unwillingness to talk loudly or at any length. He is perfectly content with no deep relationships, knowing that people do not understand or appreciate what he is, and that those who speak to him are inwardly repulsed by his peculiarity. If possible, he will keep up the facade of being a woman to avoid this. However, under this submissiveness is a rather sadistic need for control. If Mana thinks he can inflict pain on someone without reprecussions (if he finds someone more submissive than him), he will.

Mana enjoys the arts generally associated with his occupation (dancing, music, poetry, and spending a good deal of time on make-up, hair and clothing), but especially his music is important to him. In his spare time, he writes music that will likely never be played in Machinaka Mezon, or anywhere, because of its dark and gothic tone, but it is very close to his heart nevertheless. He enjoys designing and sewinghis own clothing. He also enjoys getting ready for the day, being very involved in his clothes, hair and make-up. While others might think of this as shallow, Mana is defensive of this hobby, knowing that his appearance is as much as most people will know of him, and that it must thus communicate him accurately. He spends nearly all of his time alone, unwilling to try to make any close friends and happy in solitude. He adores old, Italian horror movies.

- Mana is skilled in traditional dance and traditional instruments,
- Mana can be rather elitist and condecending to his fellow entertainers because of his high-class background.
- Mana is rigidly polite, and never openly rude to even the most deserving, but this politeness makes him difficult to get to know.
- Mana will be controlling and manipulative of those who let him, which are blessedly few.
- Mana rarely says what he means, when he says anything at all.
- Despite claims to independence, Mana does not believe any difficult or "demeaning" labour is suitable for him, and will usually try to get someone else to do it.

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