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Characters Name: Hizaki
Job: Drug dealer

Hizaki // Hizaki 2

Hizaki is a small guy, both in height, and build. He has an oval shaped face, with small, feminine eyes, a small, rounded nose, and feminine lips. Like I said, he is a small guy. His hair is often loose, and curled, falling about his shouldes, framing his delicate face. Hizaki loves to look, and feel beautiful. In fact, one of his most disliked things, is to feel bad, unclean, or ugly. Obviously, he loves beautiful things, no matter what they are. If he classes it as beautiful, it means he really likes it.
This view presents itself in how Hizaki portrays himself to the world. Dressed always in extravegant clothing - especially dresses, Hizaki always dresses to be beautiful, and to make others envious. Yes, he is very vain so far as appearance is concerned.

Hizaki aims to be as polite as possible - at least, to cutomers, and thoe whom he doesn't know that well. However, he does own a rather short temper, and a sarcastic tongue when irritated.
Soft-spoken to most, Hizaki presents an image of calm, placid beauty, but it is simply that - an image.

Hizaki was grew up in one of the innercity areas of Kansai, a godforsaken area, it left much to be desired. He never knew his mum - she left long before he could form any lasting attachement to her, and these days, he considers her very much to be a thing of the past, held in high contempt. His father was a different matter. A junkie for as long as Hizaki cared to remember, he never the less attempted to provide in some form or another for Hizaki, which although minimal, was appreciated by the boy. He knew very much from the others who shared rooms in the block of flats - if it could even be called that - that his treatment could be far worse. Despite this attempt by his Dad, he was often left with little to do, whilst his Dad was strung out, sleeping, or finding a way to get another fix.
Suffice to say, Hizaki grew up around drugs, and decided as a young teenager, from watching his dad, that that was not the route he wished to take.
Well, becoming a junkie was not the route he wished to take.

Due to his family situation, Hizaki soon realised the ins and the outs of the 'business' his Dad was a customer of. Choosing to visit his dads dealer every so often when he went to pick up his stash, Hizaki began to learn a few skills of the trade. His dad's dealer didn't live in complete squalor, and Hizaki didn't see why he should have to, as a result of his Dads actions. Forming a slight relationship, or bond with the guy, Hizaki honed his manipulative powers, realising just how well he could bend others to his will.
Offering to be the link in any area outside of Kansai, Hizaki moved to Shibuya. His living conditions were better, not quite as he'd planned they would be. Forming connections in the district, due to his 'friend', Hizaki never bothered to help anyone back in Kansai, in a way, ignoring the places existence, preferring instead to focus on making his own life better, whether that included helping to destroy others with drugs. He figured that if they, or anyone they lived with, wanted to better themselves from that life, they would. He did it, after all.

Hizaki enjoys having a good time, whatever way he can manage it.
Making sure his customers stay with him, is also a must, so he makes 'house calls', as it were, playing the 'friendly' dealer, which takes up most of his time throughout the day, most days.
Besides that, Hizaki tries to spend a lot of time socialising.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Strengths; Charismatic, and charming, Hizaki is able to be persuade many people about his actions. Poetic, confident, soft-spoken.
Weaknesses; Prone to falling for flattery, manipulative, short temper, selfish.

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