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mezon_memoirs's Journal

The Machinaka Mezon::: Advanced Jrock RPG
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traditional japanese livehouse

...Machinaka Mezon...?

This is a fairly new advanced jrock roleplaying game.
With all of the entertainment, sake, and interesting people
working at the Machinaka Mezon livehouse, one's character will integrate
into a story centered around traditional Japanese nightlife.

Of course, since this is an advanced roleplaying game,
players should have a lot of experience with writing. Posts for
every log should be well thought out and detailed so that the
plot continues to be interesting.

The Machinaka Mezon is an old but extremely popular nightclub
that rests in the heart of Shibuya. Not only do people
from all over travel just to catch a glimps of the famous livehouse,
but they flock there for employment. Oddly enough, it is easy
to get a job at the Mezon, so many drifters tend to come
there for either extra cash or a permanent job.

Of course, one can play as either a frequent Machinaka Mezon customer,
or a worker at the club. But not all visitors are friendly.
Yakuza members and drug dealers also spend a great deal of time
at the nightclub. These customers are the reason why the Mezon is also
known as a fairly shady place.

As you play the game, your character's reputation at the Mezon will build.
Visiting the place frequently will earn you a
great deal of respect among Shibuya's citizens.


Miharu (pinksticky_ness)
Position: Owner
AIM: pinkstickymess
E-mail: pinksticky_ness@hotmail.com

Ikku (dollys_apology)
Position: Mod
AIM: Dollys Apology


Visual Kei Highschool

...Machinaka Mezon Official Homepage...?
For more information on this roleplaying game
please visit the Official Homepage